MySpace is Planning a MASSIVE Expansion

Posted on December 1, 2013 
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MySpace CEO, Chris Dewolfe recently said that he intends to add 1600 people to the employee list and it will expand to various countries somewhere around next year. What does this means? Well, this measn that Chris is trying to defeat Facebook, Google and every other social networking sites you know.

Chris also told that he is running out of people in the United States and his golad is to be the leading company on the marketing and the biggest in world wide web. All I can say is Good Luck ;)

In other news, Chris also signed a contract with another company….guess who? NewsCorp! Well, may he is just hanging around with his new funds and this definitely reflect that MySpace is going to dominate the world.

With Facebook just around the corner, it seems that Facebook is actually getting a lot more real attention than MySpace. Interestingly, HitWise also stated that Facebook are already in the lead in the United Kingdom.

If nothing else, one has to consider the hype – I see dozens of stories a day revolving around Facebook. Many of them are positive, and the few articles I come across concerning MySpace are usually less glowing.

But, despite all of that….MySpace is no way near from being dead. It still has many many and I mean MANY more users than Facebook and not forgetting the financial support from News Corp. MySpace should never be underestimated.

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One Response to “MySpace is Planning a MASSIVE Expansion”

  1. Jack on February 22nd, 2008 9:26 am

    Myspace is superior by far to other networking sites. It is easy to browse
    for other users, add friends, post blogs, forums, etc. There groups topics are a little dead and information week.
    They still blow everyone else way !! I just want to see some basic online games like yahoo has..