What Is MySpace?

Posted on November 11, 2014 
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MySpace is a “social networking” web site.There are more than 200 social networking web sites in existence, and their success can be largely attributed to the human need for connection with others. For many people, such websites provide a way to extend their real-world circles of friends and acquaintances, or to find other people with similar interests. Some people even use a social networking site to meet romantic partners, while for others it’s away to escape the daily grind of their mundane lives — after all, almost anyone can be cool on MySpace.

At a fundamental level, social networking web sites are designed to mimic how people tend to make friends in real life — by meeting new people through existing friends and acquaintances.

When you first join MySpace, you create a profile where you can post pictures and provide information about yourself and your interests. You can even write a blog, which is an online journal where you share your thoughts and feelings.
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Cute MySpace New Years Comment Picture

Posted on November 27, 2015 
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For the past week, I’ve seen a lot of cute “Happy New Years” comment being created and used widely by MySpace users. I’ve taken a look at some comment pics and I have found (in my opinion) the cutest MySpace New Years comment picture :)

Here it is:
cute myspace comment picture

Cute eh? I hope you’ll like it and use it to comment on your friends MySpace profile :)

If you want to use the pic for myspace comments, use the following code:
<img src="http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii185/zizw2/newyear/10.gif" />


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Woman Sexually-Assaulted by a Man She Met on MySpace

Posted on November 20, 2015 
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A man aged 35 in Rochester Hills (Detroit, MI) who met a women on MySpace was later sexually abused and is under investigation by the Oakland Country Sheriff’s Office.

The man;s name is Jason Ticker and on 9th August, he was arrested by deputies after a women aged 31 from Bloomfield Township accused the man for assaulting her sexually in an apartment complex at Rochester Hills.

In a recorded statement, the women told the police that she went to the bar together and they had several drinks but later, she found herself on a bed in an apartment at Rochester Hills and the man that she had just met had sex with her.

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Tampa Soldier Found Dead After Suicide Note Posted on MySpace

Posted on November 13, 2015 
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A Tampa soldier aged 20 was recently found dead in his barracks (Georgia Army base) just 1 day after a suicide not was posted on his MySpace Profile page.

The army officials has not released any statement about the cause of Private Dylan Meyer’s death but the last message posted on his myspace profile page indicates that he planned on killing and ending his own life. An official MySpace spokeswoman stated that there is no proof that Meyer wrote and posted the suicide not himself and this made some people specualte whether he really killed himself or he was murdered.

Here is the message that was posted on Meyer’s myspace profile page:

Jesus, I don’t know if any of you have heard what has happened to me yet, but I just want to remind you not to be sad.Laugh, that’s what lifes about … When it is all said and done, … it is the ones you love who you will remember.

More on this at http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/florida/news-article.aspx?storyid=56650

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January 30th is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day

Posted on November 6, 2015 
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Looks like MySpace has really pissed off a lot of people lately. While browsing through Mashable, I saw THIS POST.

It seems that they were informed that January 30th is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day (which is only a few days away!). Cory Geller sent ’em a link to a blog post written by Simon Owens..he basically talks about how MySpace has really annoyed him.

Anyone who wants to celebrate day? 😀

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MySpace With Google Gears

Posted on October 30, 2015 
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MySpace is always in the process of updating themselves with unique features so that they can stay far ahead than their strongest contenders like Facebook. Apart from the general benefits like social networking, meeting friends, connecting MySpace to mobiles and business promotions now you can also avail the Google gears at MySpace. This special facility will allow the users to access their profiles even when they are not online. Though this service is still not available for a couple of months but the idea seems to be very bright and convenient from the perspective of all the users of MySpace.

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What You Should NOT Do on Myspace?

Posted on October 23, 2015 
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If you are using myspace for any business purposes then there are few things that you need to keep in mind as they can prove to be fatal mistakes. While using myspace never get carried away with the idea of using your personal banner or ad instead of that suggested by myspace.
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MySpace External Link Warning

Posted on October 16, 2015 
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If you remember…last year on the month of July, MySpace officially started to convert external links on all myspace profiles and comments to redirect to their link filter site msplinks.com. They did this so that they can cut down spam and have better tracking of what kind of links are placed on profiles and comments.

On Mashable it seems that they have caught a discussion where some webmasters was confronted with a warning splash page for ‘bling’ sites. This may be an indicator that MySpace is upgrading msplinks.com system so that you can actually see what site are you actually being redirected before you get redirected.

Here is a screenshot of what the warning splash page allegedly looks like:
MySpace External Link Warning Splash Page

I have tested on some of my friends profile and I haven’t been able to re-produce the warning page.

More on this at >> MySpace Adding a Warning Splash Page to External Links?

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MySpace and Sony BMG makes a deal

Posted on October 8, 2015 
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MySpace users are thrilled that MySpace and Sony BMG finally made a deal. Now, MySpace users should have access to an unlimited number of streaming music videos and they may also get access to limited audio content!

The agreement should have been done a few months ago when Sony Pictures Television partnered with MySpace and Honda.

Despite whatever had took place before this, it seems that MySpace and Sony BMG finally became best friends. Bot of the companies has agreed to share ad revenues gained from the music videos and profiles.

Myspace members that loves music should be happy and we hope more big hit artists will join the event.

Analysts says MySpace partnership with Sony BMG would wage a war with Faceboook. Well, we’ll see what happens in the coming months 😉

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Good Education Background = More MySpace Friends!

Posted on October 1, 2015 
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In the last post I talked about getting respect from other MySpace users by showing which college you went to. In the last post, I also promised to tell you how does a good education background can get you more friends on MySpace.

So, let’s say on your MySpace profile you show that you are currently studying or have just graduated from Amherst College and you’ve lost your mobile phone and you’re friends has no way of contacting you…What can your friends do to reach you? Well, they can just simply make a search at MySpace for “Amherst College” or any other college such as Carleton College. What matters is that you have placed your education background your MySpace profile and anyone who knows which college you went to can find you on MySpace!

Also, other people from around the world who are interesting in being friends from students from a particular college might just stumbled upon you and you have just made a new friend :) Imagine if about 0.5% of the net users want to know someone who went to Haverford College you might just get about 34 821 000 friends!

This info isn’t exactly new but for newbies out there…..I hope you find this post useful 😉

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Slacker/Myspace User Wins DJ Search

Posted on September 24, 2015 
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The winner, Tim Lynch from Chico, California was selected for his station entitled “Project Airwaves.” After Slacker users submitted a custom station link, Slacker DJs listened to and judged each station based on the listening experience, creativity of the station description, and original station image.

Users who have created custom Slacker stations submitted them for a chance to win a personal concert from the indie rock band Sherwood. Slacker and MySpace today announced the winner of the Slacker’s MySpace DJ Search contest.
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