What Is MySpace?

Posted on April 13, 2013 
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MySpace is a “social networking” web site.There are more than 200 social networking web sites in existence, and their success can be largely attributed to the human need for connection with others. For many people, such websites provide a way to extend their real-world circles of friends and acquaintances, or to find other people with similar interests. Some people even use a social networking site to meet romantic partners, while for others it’s away to escape the daily grind of their mundane lives — after all, almost anyone can be cool on MySpace.

At a fundamental level, social networking web sites are designed to mimic how people tend to make friends in real life — by meeting new people through existing friends and acquaintances.

When you first join MySpace, you create a profile where you can post pictures and provide information about yourself and your interests. You can even write a blog, which is an online journal where you share your thoughts and feelings.
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MySpace Worm – The Popular Guy Hack

Posted on August 19, 2014 
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Have you heard of the famous “popular guy” hack, also known as the Samy Worm? If not, this will be an interesting read :)

Written by MySpace member Samy, the “popular guy” hack was actually a worm designed to make Samy the most popular guy on MySpace. Whenever someone viewed Samy’s profile, that person automatically made Samy their friend — without their permission. This was interesting enough, but Samy decided to go further. He created a hack where anyone who viewed a profile where Samy was already a friend also automatically made Samy a friend on their profile. So, if ten people viewed Samy’s profile, Samy would have ten new friends. If 10 people viewed the profiles of each of these new friends, Samy would have an additional 100 friends, and so on.
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Another Interesting MySpace Resource / Layouts Site

Posted on August 12, 2014 
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A few days ago, I posted about a MySpace Resource site that has a wonderful collection of layouts for MySpace.

Well today, I’ve found another site that offers tons of layouts! It’s not like any other myspace resource site that uses the same old script and has all the same old collection. This particular myspace site is a BLOG and it is Powered by WordPress!

Let me introduce to you, RadProfile.com :D RadProfile.com has been recently sold to another owner so the site may sometimes be down. However, you can still have a peek thanks to the wonders of Google Cache ;)

It’s not everyday you come across a MySpace Resource site that is totally different and more unique than others.


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How to Make a Private MySpace Profile

Posted on August 5, 2014 
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Those of you who use MySpace should be knowing something about private MySpace profile. Even if you are not aware of it, just read on. As per the rules and guidelines of MySpace you cannot lie about your age, if you do so then you are in the danger of getting your profile deleted.
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MySpace to Launch a Business Incubator

Posted on July 29, 2014 
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Here’s another MySpace News update brought to you by Central MySpace Source…well almost ;)

Alright, this is the latest news: MySpace is planning to publicly announce that they will be launching a business incubator called SlingShot Labs. This is to let them spawn internet start-ups for news corporations expanding empire of web properties (which now includes the Wall Street Jurnal – WSJ.com and IGN – The Video Game Site).

It took about$15 million to secure the new venture which currently hires 40 emplyers which mostly consists of professional software developers.

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MySpace Woos Developers In Search Of Apps

Posted on July 22, 2014 
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MySpace will allow contributions in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Adobe Air and future languages within a controlled environment because it was left with only Flash after it banned other code due to what it called “exploitation” by “nefarious people”, according to information on the forum.

MySpace said the platform has an Australian developers’ hub and provides a place for them to collaborate, build and test new software under the auspices of MySpace engineers who monitor how proposed widgets affect site security.
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MySpace and BBC – Global Video Deal

Posted on July 15, 2014 
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MySpace has finally partnered with BBC :) This partnership agreement and the global video deal will bring a worldwide audience to British broadcaster’s programs. Note that this is the first global video/content deal ever made involving a major network and the move will make MySpace a more popular place for video and music (much similar to Yahoo!).

Full story on http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/M/MYSPACE_BBC?SITE=AP

In other places:

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Jewelry + MySpace = Cool

Posted on July 8, 2014 
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This post is very much similar the last post I made.

There are many types of jewelry (such as figaro ball chain, rings, necklaces) than you can show off on your MySpace Profile. Showing off your jewelry for example, your engagement rings can send a clear message to people that you are have been engaged many times and have not found the right partner and are in search for potential partners. I’m sure a lot of people would want to get to know you and MySpace is the perfect middleman :)

But it can also send a wrong message such as you cannot commit to something long enough but not everyone has this kind of mindset…so don’t worry ;)

Showing off your jewelry in your MySpace profile can be cool…sometimes even cooler than showing off your gadgets. Gadgets are everywhere and are considered to be normal but seeing a collection of jewelry on a MySpace Profile…now that’s something different….and different is cool!

So, if you want to try and be different…try showing off your jewelry instead of your gadgets, cars, etc.

Best of luck :D!

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Slacker/Myspace User Wins DJ Search

Posted on July 1, 2014 
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The winner, Tim Lynch from Chico, California was selected for his station entitled “Project Airwaves.” After Slacker users submitted a custom station link, Slacker DJs listened to and judged each station based on the listening experience, creativity of the station description, and original station image.

Users who have created custom Slacker stations submitted them for a chance to win a personal concert from the indie rock band Sherwood. Slacker and MySpace today announced the winner of the Slacker’s MySpace DJ Search contest.
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Teenager Arrested For Posting Naked Ex-girlfriend Pics On MySpace

Posted on June 24, 2014 
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Alex Phillips of LaCrosse County, Wisconsin, is the not so intelligent 17 year old ex-boyfriend of someone known as HLK, has been charged with felony child pornography, defamation, and exploitation of a child for posting sexually explicit photos of his 16 year old ex-girlfriend (HLK) along with lewd comments on his MySpace page. Phillips himself didn’t take the photos his ex-girlfriend did and sent them to his email, his crime comes from the publication of the pictures on MySpace, and further more his intellectual prowess.

More at:
- The Smoking Gun
- a11news

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You Can Now ‘Post To MySpace’!

Posted on June 16, 2014 
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Just recently, MySpace made an announcement that the ‘Post To MySpace’ feature that web publishers and myspace geeks alike have been waiting for are finally available :) The function is pretty straight-forward and it’s really similar like bookmarking your favourite URL.

There is no doubt that the most effective and popular viral marketing technique is via MySpace and now with the ‘Post To MySpace’ feature, web publishers can now virally spread their content to the most popular social networking site, MySpace!

If you would like to implement the ‘Post To MySpace’ code to your blog/site please head over to THIS POST at Mashable for further instructions ;)

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