What Is MySpace?

Posted on November 11, 2014 
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MySpace is a “social networking” web site.There are more than 200 social networking web sites in existence, and their success can be largely attributed to the human need for connection with others. For many people, such websites provide a way to extend their real-world circles of friends and acquaintances, or to find other people with similar interests. Some people even use a social networking site to meet romantic partners, while for others it’s away to escape the daily grind of their mundane lives — after all, almost anyone can be cool on MySpace.

At a fundamental level, social networking web sites are designed to mimic how people tend to make friends in real life — by meeting new people through existing friends and acquaintances.

When you first join MySpace, you create a profile where you can post pictures and provide information about yourself and your interests. You can even write a blog, which is an online journal where you share your thoughts and feelings.
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MySpace With Google Gears

Posted on July 24, 2016 
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MySpace is always in the process of updating themselves with unique features so that they can stay far ahead than their strongest contenders like Facebook. Apart from the general benefits like social networking, meeting friends, connecting MySpace to mobiles and business promotions now you can also avail the Google gears at MySpace. This special facility will allow the users to access their profiles even when they are not online. Though this service is still not available for a couple of months but the idea seems to be very bright and convenient from the perspective of all the users of MySpace.

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MySpace All Set To Support Open ID

Posted on July 17, 2016 
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TechCruch has reported that MySpace is going to support the open id single sign-on framework. MySpace has over 200 million accounts and will be the second largest to implement the OpenID framework. Yahoo had announced the OpenID support early this year.
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How to Find The Right Gal on Myspace

Posted on July 10, 2016 
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Yes there are many gals out there in myspace. But it is not easy to know them or make friendship just like that. This is not exactly like the other dating sites. Here you will get the best results if you can contact the women who have just joined myspace. Read more

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MySpace to Launch a Business Incubator

Posted on July 3, 2016 
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Here’s another MySpace News update brought to you by Central MySpace Source…well almost 😉

Alright, this is the latest news: MySpace is planning to publicly announce that they will be launching a business incubator called SlingShot Labs. This is to let them spawn internet start-ups for news corporations expanding empire of web properties (which now includes the Wall Street Jurnal – WSJ.com and IGN – The Video Game Site).

It took about$15 million to secure the new venture which currently hires 40 emplyers which mostly consists of professional software developers.

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Can you Make Money with MySpace?

Posted on June 26, 2016 
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MySpace is a social networking system which was first opened for teens but as its popularity grew people of all ages started visiting it and now it has acquired the status of the largest and the best networking system. Obviously there are people of all categories visiting the site. So you can easily use your portal on MySpace and create a profile highlighting your services or product and offering other incentives which will draw traffic to your portal.
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MySpace Drugs / Alcohol Profile!

Posted on June 19, 2016 
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I have always been fascinated with drugs. Don’t take this the wrong way…I like drugs because it can help to save lives and used widely as a medical prescription. If you take it in the right amount with a doctor’s prescription, you’ll be fine 😉 Just don’t gobble them up to become a drug addict…now this is wrong.

Anyways, if you like drugs (in a good way ;)), you make your MySpace Profile to be like a pharmaceutical drugs theme. There are a lot of drug based theme in HERE and if you browse them one by one, you’ll come across with a selenium health products theme…and if you are really diligent, you’ll find a Ran-Zopiclone theme too!

Alcohol or Drug based MySpace Profile theme is becoming popular by the day and I am one of the fans 🙂 Getting an alcohol or drug based MySpace profile theme is pretty easy nowadays with the help from Google. There are thousands (over 75,000 to be more specific) of drug based theme so you won’t be bored by the choices.

Some people when the think about drugs, they think about ’em in a negative way but we must be a little more open minded, drugs can help people if used in the right way.

That’s all for today guys 🙂


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MySpace: A Platform for Promoting Business

Posted on June 12, 2016 
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MySpace is a social networking system and the best place for a business man to promote his business. The first question that will arise in one’s mind is that how is it possible? The possibility is there as it is the site which is popular and visited by thousands of people. The site has special service for the businessmen. They have strong and widespread networking which acts as a platform for promoting business as a large number of people are able to view your business profile.
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Top Ten MySpace Cliches

Posted on June 5, 2016 
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A cliché is a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel. It is generally used in a negative context.

The List:

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MySpace Suicide Case: Mom Charged!

Posted on May 29, 2016 
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Federal prosecutors have filed an indictment in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles against Lori Drew, who is accused of using a fake MySpace account to send bullying messages to a teen who later committed suicide.

The O’Fallon, Mo. mother, was charged with one count of conspiracy and three counts of computer crimes. In addition to Drew, her daughter and another teen that were reportedly involved in the harassment; all have denied their involvement.
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Attain Fame through MySpace Band Promotion

Posted on May 22, 2016 
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The present day scenario has changed drastically. Music is no more the prerogative of the Record companies. It is available on the net just at the touch of a finger. If your band is striving for success then the best place for you is MySpace website which is the biggest networking system. Their Band Promotion facility will provide you the outlet and help you to reach your music to millions of people all over the world.
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