What Is MySpace?

Posted on November 11, 2014 
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MySpace is a “social networking” web site.There are more than 200 social networking web sites in existence, and their success can be largely attributed to the human need for connection with others. For many people, such websites provide a way to extend their real-world circles of friends and acquaintances, or to find other people with similar interests. Some people even use a social networking site to meet romantic partners, while for others it’s away to escape the daily grind of their mundane lives — after all, almost anyone can be cool on MySpace.

At a fundamental level, social networking web sites are designed to mimic how people tend to make friends in real life — by meeting new people through existing friends and acquaintances.

When you first join MySpace, you create a profile where you can post pictures and provide information about yourself and your interests. You can even write a blog, which is an online journal where you share your thoughts and feelings.
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MySpace and Sony BMG makes a deal

Posted on October 8, 2015 
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MySpace users are thrilled that MySpace and Sony BMG finally made a deal. Now, MySpace users should have access to an unlimited number of streaming music videos and they may also get access to limited audio content!

The agreement should have been done a few months ago when Sony Pictures Television partnered with MySpace and Honda.

Despite whatever had took place before this, it seems that MySpace and Sony BMG finally became best friends. Bot of the companies has agreed to share ad revenues gained from the music videos and profiles.

Myspace members that loves music should be happy and we hope more big hit artists will join the event.

Analysts says MySpace partnership with Sony BMG would wage a war with Faceboook. Well, we’ll see what happens in the coming months 😉

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Good Education Background = More MySpace Friends!

Posted on October 1, 2015 
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In the last post I talked about getting respect from other MySpace users by showing which college you went to. In the last post, I also promised to tell you how does a good education background can get you more friends on MySpace.

So, let’s say on your MySpace profile you show that you are currently studying or have just graduated from Amherst College and you’ve lost your mobile phone and you’re friends has no way of contacting you…What can your friends do to reach you? Well, they can just simply make a search at MySpace for “Amherst College” or any other college such as Carleton College. What matters is that you have placed your education background your MySpace profile and anyone who knows which college you went to can find you on MySpace!

Also, other people from around the world who are interesting in being friends from students from a particular college might just stumbled upon you and you have just made a new friend :) Imagine if about 0.5% of the net users want to know someone who went to Haverford College you might just get about 34 821 000 friends!

This info isn’t exactly new but for newbies out there…..I hope you find this post useful 😉

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Slacker/Myspace User Wins DJ Search

Posted on September 24, 2015 
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The winner, Tim Lynch from Chico, California was selected for his station entitled “Project Airwaves.” After Slacker users submitted a custom station link, Slacker DJs listened to and judged each station based on the listening experience, creativity of the station description, and original station image.

Users who have created custom Slacker stations submitted them for a chance to win a personal concert from the indie rock band Sherwood. Slacker and MySpace today announced the winner of the Slacker’s MySpace DJ Search contest.
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Increase Music Plays In MySpace

Posted on September 17, 2015 
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Is singing your passion? Do you dream of touching the heights of success as a singer and becoming the heart throb of millions of people? Then the best place for you is MySpace which will help you to fulfill your dreams without spending large sums of money to get an opportunity to sing on the television or in the radio station. Just open your account on MySpace and create a profile which should create the feeling that you are unsurpassable.
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MySpace Acquires MySpace.co.uk Domain

Posted on September 10, 2015 
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Recently, MySpace has successfully acquired the domain name “myspace.co.uk”. Even though the domain name was registered by Total Web Solutions Ltd in 1197 which was 6 years before the social networking site MySpace ever existed, the decision-maker was convinced by MySpace to hand over “myspace.co.uk” to MySpace Inc.

Before this, many experts mutually agreed that to see whether a domain name was registered in bad faith is to refer initial date of registration of the domain name. It seems the ‘decision maker’ may have been drunk? I don’t know what you think but I think the ‘decision maker’ may receive a compensation by MySpace Inc 😛

For more information, please visit any of the following site:

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MySpace Marketing – Using Bots

Posted on September 3, 2015 
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One of the best ways to drive traffic and earn an income online is by using social networks like MySpace. There are literally millions of members on MySpace that you have access to.

I’m going to let you in on one of my secret techniques that I’ve used to increase my reach and income by using MySpace marketing…

The secret is to use a ‘bot’… A bot is a software program that will help you automate all the tedious tasks you do on MySpace like…
* Sending friend request
* Sending personal message
* Sending personal comments
* Posting bulletins
* And much more!

Expecting an affiliate link?
Sorry for disappointing you!

Most people think that you have to pay to get a MySpace Bot…but you can actually get a MySpace Bot for Free 😀

Download Link: http://www.nathanm.com/projects/myspace.zip

It is the only Open Source MySpace Bot and if you’re a programmer, maybe you can enhance it!?!?

– Details at SF
– Programmer: http://www.nathanm.com

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MySpace Layouts Created by Professional Designers

Posted on August 27, 2015 
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To some MySpace’ers, having a cool layout is like having a cool girlfriend :) Well…maybe not 😛

Anyways, I’ve recently cam across a site that offers highly customizable professional myspace templates / layouts. The layouts really look like a real normal flash web site and each one of the layouts were created by highly professional web designers and flash designers.

The site’s name is LoveMyFlash / Flash Layouts. Not a very creative name but they certainly very creative in creating those beautiful templates.

Check it out: LoveMyFlash / Flash Layouts

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One of The Best Place to Find Useful Sites

Posted on August 20, 2015 
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Making your MySpace profile more lively can really make a difference in terms of number of people interested in becoming your friend.
Creating a good MySpace profile that everybody will be amazed is not as easy as it seems. You have to fill your MySpace profile with something interesting so that someone who might have the same interest as you might just want to be your next best friend :)

Well, one of the best place to find some useful sites where you can get some interesting stuff into your MySpace profile is a web directory. Yes, a WEB DIRECTORY. Let’s say you want to find a certain celebrity fan club…searching on search engines can really be a daunting task especially if you are wearing glasses 😛 So, to find what you need in one central place….you will have to find the best web directory that fits all your needs. For example, on Site-Sift.com they have a Fan Club category which has a list of fan clubs such as “Jackie Chan Fans”, “StarTrek.com”, etc.

It is easier to find useful sites on a web directory because 95% of all web directories are manually monitored which means only high-quality sites will be listed. To get you started, take a look at Site-Sift.com. Good luck 😉

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How To Avoid From Having Your MySpace Account Phished

Posted on August 13, 2015 
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We all know the consequences of having your MySpace account phished. Identity theft is a very serious offence and such scams are plaguing MySpace users all across the world. Such malicious practices can cause loss of information including login and passwords as well as credit card information. Read more

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Is a Private Myspace Profile Really Private?

Posted on August 6, 2015 
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Everyone knows that you can set your MySpace Profile to private but are private profiles really private? Well, the answer to that questions is yes…and no! Your myspace profile will be private only to only normal people and when I mean normal people, I meant people with little tech knowledge. But to tech advanced people, your profile will not be private with them.

Why? One reason is that MySpace is not perfect in terms of security and it seems that every week, security flaws are bound to be found. With every flaw, MySpace does it’s best to patch the flaw but that only creates another flaw that is unknown to MySpace Developers until someone reports it.

I’ve been to several sites which offers services to view private profile for a small fee but most sites will die within a week (obviously because the hack they were using was fixed by MySpace). Only one Private MySpace Profile Viewer site stands out from the rest 😀

The site is MySpacePrivateProfile.com. The site is definitely not a scam and it’s free! :) Their service is fast and efficient. You just need to know a private profile’s ID number and you can see whatever is in the profile :)

I highly recommend MySpacePrivateProfile.com. Try it today 😀

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