What Is MySpace?

Posted on April 13, 2013 
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MySpace is a “social networking” web site.There are more than 200 social networking web sites in existence, and their success can be largely attributed to the human need for connection with others. For many people, such websites provide a way to extend their real-world circles of friends and acquaintances, or to find other people with similar interests. Some people even use a social networking site to meet romantic partners, while for others it’s away to escape the daily grind of their mundane lives — after all, almost anyone can be cool on MySpace.

At a fundamental level, social networking web sites are designed to mimic how people tend to make friends in real life — by meeting new people through existing friends and acquaintances.

When you first join MySpace, you create a profile where you can post pictures and provide information about yourself and your interests. You can even write a blog, which is an online journal where you share your thoughts and feelings.
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MySpace sues Scott Richter

Posted on October 21, 2014 
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Spamming used to be one of the most delicate problems with MySpace few days back because the security system was not really full proof which they claim to have repaired by now. But there was a time when the spammers like Scott Richter used to send more than 100 millions of spam messages to the MySpace users everyday. After the users started complaining against this MySpace sued this person in the year of 2007. Now he has to pay about 4.9 millions for the damages and another 1.2 millions for the legal expenses. This is surely a lesson for the others who are into spamming business.

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Best MySpace Layouts That Don’t Look Like Myspace at all!

Posted on October 14, 2014 
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This year, it seems like there is a trend that has been going on for some time among those who are not really enjoying the looks of the default MySpace layout.

On Mashable, there is a post that lists the top 18 best MySpace layouts. It’s really weird when you see the layout for the first time…it’ll get you thinking whether the page that you had just visited is a myspace profile or not. Those folks has really done a great job and went to great lengths to make their MySpace layouts standout from the rest (in a good way)

Go on ahead and have a look at the post.

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Is a Private Myspace Profile Really Private?

Posted on October 7, 2014 
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Everyone knows that you can set your MySpace Profile to private but are private profiles really private? Well, the answer to that questions is yes…and no! Your myspace profile will be private only to only normal people and when I mean normal people, I meant people with little tech knowledge. But to tech advanced people, your profile will not be private with them.

Why? One reason is that MySpace is not perfect in terms of security and it seems that every week, security flaws are bound to be found. With every flaw, MySpace does it’s best to patch the flaw but that only creates another flaw that is unknown to MySpace Developers until someone reports it.

I’ve been to several sites which offers services to view private profile for a small fee but most sites will die within a week (obviously because the hack they were using was fixed by MySpace). Only one Private MySpace Profile Viewer site stands out from the rest :D

The site is MySpacePrivateProfile.com. The site is definitely not a scam and it’s free! :) Their service is fast and efficient. You just need to know a private profile’s ID number and you can see whatever is in the profile :)

I highly recommend MySpacePrivateProfile.com. Try it today :D

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Suggestions for Myspace Users

Posted on September 30, 2014 
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Are you a regular user of myspace? Then here are some tips that can help you achieve some more benefits from your myspace account. First of all if you have a rich graphic set as the background then replace it with some less interesting one.
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Mother Pleads Not Guilty in MySpace Suicide Case

Posted on September 23, 2014 
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Most of you probably remember the Megan Meir case where a young teenage girl committed suicide after here relationship with a boy in MySpace went really bad. The ‘boy’ who allegedly is in love with her is actually fictional as the character was played out by a mother of a former friend that lives just across the street. The mother who created the ‘prank’ was brought to federal court and she pleaded not guilty.

Want to know more about the case? Continue reading….

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MySpace Safety Plan – Smoke and Mirrors?

Posted on September 16, 2014 
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Earlier today I posted about MySpace planning some structural changes to block sexual predators from abusing the social network and it’s members. A total of 49 states (in the US) will be cooperating closely with MySpace to help their plans. If you remember, there are a total of 50 states in US and which states is missing? Well, it’s Texas.

Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott explained the reason for not participating and cooperating with MySpace at News.com.

In my opinion, it’s better to have some kind of plan than having no plan at all. As my mom used to say “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” ;)

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Facebook’s Response to MySpace Music : iLike

Posted on September 9, 2014 
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Though Facebook is also trying to set up a music site similar to that of MySpace it is not dealing directly with music. They do not have any plans of directly setting up any music streaming but relying on iLike which is a third party application. iLike does not provide for music streaming but works with Rhapsody. iLike has been given special permission to access Facebook with the help of the Great Apps program.
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MySpace Goes Mobile

Posted on September 2, 2014 
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The strongest contender of MySpace is Facebook and in order to outperform their growing popularity MySpace has come up with a new facility for their users. They have launched a special facility of accessing the site on the mobiles. In UK they have worked out the deal with Vodafone. Now you are free to use the mobile to stay connected with your MySpace friends through the mobile phone, write blogs and also check their status and updates. As the number of mobile subscribers is increasing rapidly in all parts of the world, this strategy seems to work wonders on the popularity of MySpace.

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MySpace Wins Largest Anti-Spam Award

Posted on August 26, 2014 
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It probably won’t do much to ease the steady flow of junk e-mail to our inbox, but MySpace has just laid claim to the largest ever judgment against spammers.

After two of the Internet’s most prominent spam defendants, Sanford Wallace and Walter Rines, failed to show up in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, a judge awarded a default judgment of $234 million. Wallace, known to some as the Read more

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MySpace Worm – The Popular Guy Hack

Posted on August 19, 2014 
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Have you heard of the famous “popular guy” hack, also known as the Samy Worm? If not, this will be an interesting read :)

Written by MySpace member Samy, the “popular guy” hack was actually a worm designed to make Samy the most popular guy on MySpace. Whenever someone viewed Samy’s profile, that person automatically made Samy their friend — without their permission. This was interesting enough, but Samy decided to go further. He created a hack where anyone who viewed a profile where Samy was already a friend also automatically made Samy a friend on their profile. So, if ten people viewed Samy’s profile, Samy would have ten new friends. If 10 people viewed the profiles of each of these new friends, Samy would have an additional 100 friends, and so on.
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